Monday, 11 February 2008

By any means necessary

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR have confirmed that they have applied for next season's Intertoto Cup competition.

A statement on the official Spurs site read: "Meanwhile, we can confirm that the Club has applied to enter next season's Intertoto Cup. The Football Association is allowed one entrant being the highest placed of the four clubs finishing immediately outside the automatic European qualifying places."

Nice to see Levy publicly admit this seasons Prem campaign has been a disaster. Playing 3rd rate clubs in pre-season is no different to our usual late summer travels. We have a big enough squad to cope with it, though having to play more rounds per usual to get to the group stages will mean the likelyhood of injuries increasing. The fact that Man City have also applied for this means we can probably discount it as an option for European football next season which means we have to beat Chelsea at Wembley.

Easy peasy then.


azaris said...

With our current rate of points accumulation we will finish in 11th - Villa, Everton, and even Blackburn are just winning too many damn games.

Of course we have a somewhat easy run coming up after the Chelsea home game so overtaking WHam, Pompey, and even City, should their downward spiral continue, is possible, but that still won't get us higher than 8th.

I think to realistically get into Europe we have to beat Chelsea at least once this season. Either of the two games will do.

shelf side warrior said...

Expect us to lose one and win the other. Knowing our luck, it'll be the Cup Final.

west stand bagel said...

Let's all thank Giles Barnes for missing that sitter.

Thank you Giiiiiiles!

dazza said...

You've posted in the wrong comment box.

spooky said...

There's no rule or regulation stopping you from celebrating in any given blog-thread.

We love you Giles x