Monday, 28 January 2008

One down.....any more to come?

Woodgate signed for around £7M. Though what that means for the club is anyone's guess. Hutton has gone back to Scotland (the boy just can't make up his mind) and no news on Gilberto. And its all gone quiet with any other potential signing(s).

Looking sharp there Woody

As for Woody, well, if we get the player of last season (he was superb for Boro) then we are in for a treat. This years version hasn't been that good -form wise/injuries or for that matter the one who player just 13/14 times for Madrid will make me hurl abuse at Comolli and Levy from a distance (I'll use rotten eggs for when I'm up close).

As long as he behaves himself OFF the pitch then we should do just right. Big if. Considering the stories coming out of Boro at the minute.

Logically, it's a bit insane really. I mean, he does have form for lack of form and he does spend an awful long time out injured. So the medical he passed at Spurs would suggest he is 'ok' at the minute. £7M for a crock would not be a good thing on the back of £8M for Kaboul and the same amount for Zokora. The fact that King has suffered from injuries in recent years makes it even more insane that we would look to bring in Woodgate as cover or a new partner for Ledders.

One extreme to another with us. This signing better pay off on the pitch otherwise Levy and Comolli will have a lot to answer for sanctioning this signing.


Hugo said...

I am fully prepared to eat my words, along with a massive steak, should Woodgate turn in a series of impressive performances before July, however for now I am willing to say that this is one of the stupidest deals I have ever heard of. Perhaps it's a ploy to get Ledley fit, since now he knows that there isn't as much space in the physio's office. I can think of no other explanation. I'd sooner we'd signed Neil Clement, like Fulham are doing.

Assuming he does do well and stays free of injury, does this mean we intend to cash in (er-hem) on Kaboul in the summer? I still think he has potential, but then they said that about Titus Bramble...

azaris said...

Not only did we get Hutton, it seems that Kevin-Prince Notalent is also being offloaded to Villa. What a steal. Comolli you genius.