Monday, 21 January 2008



  • Robbie Keane notching up his 100th goal for Spurs
  • Our first half performance against Sunderland
  • Huddlestone's passing and first half performance in same game
  • The alleged rumours that the 'big signings' were Boswinga and Gonzalez


  • The second half performance against Sunderland
  • The apparent signing of a 32 year old Brazilian left-back from Hertha on a pre-contract
  • Another bout of 'Robbo hands in transfer request'....'Oh no he doesnt'....
  • 'Tiago to sign'. Hasn't settled at previous 3 clubs. What the fuck makes us think he can settle in our mess of a midfield?


  • Spurs sign Jason Banton from Arsenal, for £100,000



  • King and Berbatov are Newcastle targets. One more, proof that the Sunday papers are written by fucking idiots and bought by fucking morons.


Hugo said...

Great, so we sign another youngster. Meanwhile, I read that QPR want Pekhart. Why can't we actually do something with these players, instead of stockpiling them and ruining their promise?

paxton yid said...

They can't be as good as the hype suggests if they never make it into the first team.

azaris said...

Taarabt for example is too good to play in the reserves, whenever he does he just runs rings around the opponents and tries to score on his own, but has almost no impact in the first team. The gap is huge.

Danny Rose incidentally seems to have the same effect, so I would expect to see him get a start before the season is over.

Big Whisper said...

Hutton deal back on.