Monday, 14 January 2008

ITK latest

The Spurs ITK’s have been busy over the weekend.


Will our centre-back issues be resolved? Apparently he is in London to speak to Spurs. The forums say ‘deal to be done today’.


Various ‘covering our backs’ statements from the people who claim to have inside info. Some are suggesting Spurs won’t pay the release fee in Downings contract and that personal terms are not complete. Others are saying the opposite. It’s done and dusted. Sky Sports News claim to have broken the story last night. In other words they read it online.


‘Up in the air’. Wenger wont let him go.

So in other words, more carefully scripted rumours that don’t tell us anything because in reality there is nothing to know.


shelf side warrior said...

Downings Agent on SSN said that the player is 'incredibly flattered' by Tottenhams interest and that we are a 'great club' (dont all players say that of any club interested?) and that we play the type of football that he would love to be a part of. Its now up the two clubs - so this is probably as good as done.

"You need to move on to better your career"


paxton yid said...

This deal will go through. I'm hoping Jarque follows on too. Have any midfielders been linked yet?

west side bagel said...

Not sure about the Jarque transfer. His club deny hes in London as hes injured and is wont be moving anywhere (fit or not). Would be nice if we had confirmation of whether he has a get-out clause/fee if so and Spurs have matched it then weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, he can talk to us.

Hlenn Goddle said...

You're smart mate. The way you cut through the BS and get to the heart of the matter.



spooky said...

Obviously not as smart as you. The way you make use of the caps lock is uncanny. Proper genius shit right there.

dazza said...

You forgot to mention Fred. Apparently the deal is back on (was never off). So this means Defoe to Pompey?

myhstg said...

Not seen that much of Fred in action. Is he any good?

paul williams said...

Fred would be a good signing. He's a nutter but has plenty of skill and ability and will be more than enough as a replacement for JD.