Friday, 4 January 2008

FA Cup odds

4/1 Chelsea
9/2 Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool
12/1 Spurs
20/1 Blackburn, Everton, Newcastle, Portsmouth
28/1 Man C, Villa
33/1 West Ham
50/1 Bolton, Middlesbro, Reading, Sunderland
66/1 Birmingham, Fulham
100/1 Wigan

I think William Hill have taken the 6-4 win over Reading in the Prem as the template for Tottenham's 'we will score one more than you' tactical assault on this years FA Cup. I think they are being overly generous. I actually have a bad gut feeling about tomorrow. Another goalfest is highly unlikely, and Reading won't want to see a repeat performance (four goals away from home and nothing to show for it). Kitson will fancy his chances again, so it's probably down to Spurs and how they defend corners. Not sure how much improvement can be achieved in training since the Villa defeat, considering the general lack of improvement we've shown in defending set-pieces in the past two years.


oracle said...

I agree with those odds. Dont think anyone realistically has a chance outside the 'top 4' from winning this as I'm sure 'warm balls' will make sure the Elite don't get to play each other till the semi + final.

I'll have 20 quid on 12/1.

oops said...

Lita playing for Reading today. Its a sad that I'm worried about this inclusion.

Zero said...

LOL at warm balls.

Just like when Arsenal got Liverpool in the 3rd round last year and Spurs didn't get anyone decent until they got knocked out.

It's a fix!

P.S Spooky, I thought you'd died.

jolly big yid said...

I think Spooky was taking the piss out of the Glory Glory folk with that one. They love their conspiracies.

spooky said...

Oracle = warm balls.

Ooh matron.