Friday, 25 January 2008

Barnard to Southend

Good luck. Was never good enough for the first team. Like most of our promoted youth players, very few make it (Marney, Yeates, Jackson...and so on). Average players who have their moment, but nothing more. Spurs really have to get it together with the academy and start producing players we can call our own that make an impact worthy of saving us £10M in the transfer market. Granted, that doesn't happen for most teams.

The current 'next generation' (apart from Dixon) are mostly youth players brought to the club.

Will any of these see the light of first team action over the next year or three?


Danny Rose (winger)
Tomas Pekhart (striker)
Leigh Mills (defence)
Joe Martin (defender/midfielder)
Dorian Dervite (defender)

First Year Academy

Mark Clare (defender)

Second Year Academy

Yurie Berchiche (full back)
Alex Olsen (striker)
Terry Dixon (striker)

Is Dean Parrett the new Stevie G? A pound for every time I've heard that....


filthy said...

Rose will play a part next season I'm sure. We might even see Spurs do an 'Arsenal' with the Carling Cup and play only fringe players and youngsters. The likes of Pekhart should also get a chance but I doubt the rest will break through just yet and have little hope of Mills/Dervite/Martin having success at Spurs.

Martin was (is??) highly rated. Liverpool were desperate to sign him 2/3 years ago.

oracle said...

Doesn't Parrett play in defence too? If he isn't around first team football in 3/4 seasons then that's your answer re: next Steven Gerrard.