Saturday, 12 January 2008

Back to the whorage

I love the rags. Back pages telling us Defoe was set to be Harry Redknapp's first signing for Newcastle. Yes. The same Harry who this morning told everyone he isn't leaving Pompey. Still, he may yet sign JD. Although gossip suggests Villa will be in for him (matches up with the news item about him looking to buy a house in the Midlands for himself and his bit of skirt).

Another player who's future is in doubt is Robbo. Again the press suggesting he handed in a transfer request. If this was true, then see you later Mr Robinson. Bit fucking immature. However, Jeff Stelling on Soccer Saturday stated he knew (ooh ITK) that this was untrue. Still, Poyet didn't offer anything either way today stating:

"I would say no comment because I don't know. There is nothing wrong with Paul. He was part of the team and squad today".

Cerny did OK in goal. He got beaten from distance. Which I'm sure is something I've seen before, somewhere.

Late last night I got a text telling me deals for the following were on the cards, with some of them practically done (yeah right):


Diarra and Jarque are not new 'interests' in the transfer market. Fred is. I pray that the only reason we are looking at yet another striker is because Defoe is on his way. So, get rid of inconsistent JD and bring in the inconsistent Fred. A player rumoured to want a return to Brazil where his goal-scoring ratio was fantastic. Hasn't set France alight. Perfect for Spurs then.

Downing. Christ. £12M? We do like to burn our money don't we? Though in actuality (I hope) Spurs would fork out something like £2M-£2.5M a year for 3 years and then pay out more depending on appearances/goals/CL (lol).

Downing is not £12M player. He isn't a bad player. Harsh to call him average, but he isn't world class and he isn't all that better than what we have at the minute. Yeah, lovely left peg as they say. One of the best crossers of the ball in the Prem, but can he beat a player? Can he devastate like a Petrov? Nope. Is he a Ramos player? Does Ramos know who he even is?

I wouldn't be aggrieved with him joining, just not for a ton of cash. The fact is, the player is the crown jewel of Boro, so they will not want to let him go for cheap. It's more to do with him being their prized asset rather than a player worth every penny of a multi-million pound transfer fee.

And if we layed 12 big ones, do the math with the money spent on Bent. That's our sodding case overspent on players who are not in the 'fucking ace' category. But then, the team isn't in the category either. But then we did pluck Berbatov out of the continent. So, how about doing the same again.

Ramos is improving the team, from top to bottom. And he knows that his ideal tactics and style of play won't happen with the current bunch. Some need to be culled. The remaining need to be complimented. If Ramos believes Downing can restore balance on the left, so be it. I'm guessing Steed will move into central midfield. When Bale returns, that left side (along with Gunter) won't be too shabby.

But a Ramos 'team' needs one box-2-box midfielder and one defensive midfielder. Those are truly the key positions. Defenders are always wanted at the Lane. But at least things will be easier now the King is back.


£10M for Downing, with Tainio thrown in as part of the deal. Not sure who's getting the worse of it.


Hugo said...

I'd sooner we signed Adam Johnson than Downing, to be honest. Johnson at least has pace and trickery.

As for left wing, if only we had signed Ben Arfa. Still, one can keep dreaming.

azaris said...

The £10m figure is rubbish, I've heard. Think half that. Still, if Stewart Downing is the answer then I'm not quite sure what the question is supposed to be. "Which overpriced English left winger embodies the current Spurs attitude 'good, but not good enough'?"

We apparently have also offered £11m for Fred, who knows why. I think Comolli has had an aneuyrysm during the holidays.

The most delightful rumour going round in the tabloids is the byzantine boardroom plot against Robbo which apparently caused his droppage from the England team and which will result in his expulsion from the club. Only Spurs could axe a player not because he's been rubbish for two years in a row but because he dared speak out in support of his boss who was unfairly treated.

paxton yid said...

That Robbo story was disgraceful. How these idiots can get away with printing this shit. ALthough I'm still awaiting for Levys usual denial/PR public announcment on the site.

Fred isn't happening. He is going where there is more money. Thank God for that.