Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Comolli: Berbatov Stays / The Times: Berbatov Goes

From the club that brought you the excellent 'We Never Spoke to Ramos' and 'Martin Jol has our full support' statements, Damien Comolli proudly presents a Dont Worry Production, straight from the heart of the Lane (but failing to appear on the website in an official capacity):

"It is simply not an issue. I met with Dimitar's agent today and he assured me Dimitar is not looking for a move in January and simply wants to concentrate on helping the team push up the table.

"He is on a long-term contract with us and Juande (Ramos) sees him as an important part of our plans."

You heard the man. He will not be looking for a move in January. Yeah sure, Comolli mentions 'long term contract' but if Berbatov was planning on staying wouldn't he publicly deny the rumours? Wouldn't his agent do the same? If Spurs were confident he was not looking to move on, wouldn't Comolli clearly state 'Berbatov will not be leaving Spurs, not in January or the summer. He has a contract and he is committed to it' as means of burying the uncertainty?

No, instead he simply tells us that the player won't be looking for a move in 'January'.

"No ones looking....I could jump over and the fence....and BE FREE!!"

This is then followed up by the usual textbook tabloid/broadsheet article (no quotes or proof) that Berbatov is leaving the club and in the summer. Maybe the journo (in this case The Times Gary Jacob) has also noted Comolli's 'January' statement and gone to town on it in a creative frenzy or maybe he can put two and two together and work out the fact that there's more chance of Levy growing hair on his head than the Bulgarian remaining loyal.

For your reading pleasure, here's the article:

Dimitar Berbatov free to leave Spurs if they miss out on top four
by Gary Jacob
Dimitar Berbatov has sought assurance that he will be able to leave Tottenham Hotspur at the end of the season. Emil Dantchev, his representative, met Damien Comolli, the Tottenham sporting director, yesterday to discuss the Bulgaria forward’s future.

Berbatov has been unsettled by Tottenham’s refusal to allow him to move to Manchester United in the summer as well as his club’s poor start to the season.

United first made an approach for the forward towards the end of the last campaign, in which he scored 23 goals in his first season after his move from Bayer Leverkusen. Tottenham were unwilling to sell him, not least because supporters would have questioned their ambition after the departure of Michael Carrick, the England midfield player, to United a year before. But the club are believed to have come to a gentlemen’s agreement that he can leave for a large fee if Tottenham fail to qualify for the Champions League this season.

There is the prospect of the striker asking for a transfer in January, but Comolli says that was not on the agenda during talks yesterday. “It is simply not an issue,” Comolli said. “I met with Dimitar’s agent today and he assured me Dimitar is not looking for a move in January and simply wants to concentrate on helping the team to push up the table. He is on a long-term contract with us.”

If we miss out on Champions League football? If? LOL. Good one Gary. If.....if all the above is true then that speaks volumes for the type of man Berbatov truly is. A let down. An a-typical modern day footballer with no true heart or commitment. Tevez never sulked last season. He got on with it. And yes, he looked far far better than he actually was because he was playing in a team that were simply woeful in every possible way, but he gave 500% for his club even though he knew he was off. Berbatov has given us an epic sulk. Nothing more. Well, apart from several flicks that have led to goals from Robbo hoofs up the field. But I'm sure post-Ramos it's gonna be a bit more attractive. Whether Berbatov has a change of heart or not, remains to be seen.

Fact is, he has the power to make all the rumours and tabloid guess work go away by simply telling us, in his own words. "I'm not leaving Spurs".

So, Dimitar...anything you want to share with us?


shelf side warrior said...

Sick of this. He has been a huge disappoint this season and has shown nothing in comparison to last season. He does not appear to be a fighter. But I'll stand corrected if he can stand up and fight. If Spurs turn it around and go on a few strong Cup runs and climb the league then his outlook might change. But nobody can be impressed with his attitude this season. That includes Ferguson.

The Machine said...

How will he react? Will his swagger return, for the shop window? Or will his agent find him a club based on last season (blaming Spurs for this season)?

If he scores against Wigan on Sunday then you might get an idea of what he is thinking. Just compare to last season, he hasn't looked that pleased even when he has scored this term.

paxton yid said...

Fed up with this bullshit. The fact is the club is dressing it up and come the summer we probably wont care because some other 'superstar' will be on his way.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! what more do you want? he said it before: he's not leaving unless he's fired by Spurs.So, he's shit: bench him. He never was important before and last year's success showed he has no brains at all to cope with it.
On the other hand, if he goes in January these statements by Comoli and his agent are the only ones possible. There are two months still to play. But if he goes, i don't believe Man u want him anymore.They've got Tevez. But there's a rumour about Chelsea...

azaris said...

There's a reason why Nic Anelka is still at Bolton some 73 come-and-get-me pleas later. The same reason will keep Berbatov at Tottenham unless he shapes up.

oops said...

Azaris, what do you mean? I dont read between the lines well.

shanemac said...

that is such bullshit. a player of berbatov's potential cannot be expected to waste years of his prime for a dysfunctional club to get its fucking act together. the days of players sticking with one club are long gone. we all need to deal with it and stop blaming berbatov who was a fucking hero last season.