Friday, 26 October 2007


The ITK's are claiming Ramos and Poyet in by next Wednesday. We already know Allen and Inglethorpe are taking charge of Sundays clash against Blackburn. Rovers, I think, are still unbeaten in the Prem. Can't see anything other than an away win. Bar some miracle.


Anonymous said...

Well obviously Poyet is the best choice as assistant coach, he will definately help our defensive perils.

Rob Star said...

Does Ramos not speak a word of English? That's worrying.

oops said...

Poyet and José Dominguez apparently.

Not exactly the dream team is it?

Anonymous said...

Well if Hughton was a great player crap coach, lets hope Dominquez can be the opposite.
At least we gave the big man the send off he deserved last night.
If it was up to the board we wouldnt have got a chance, good thing the news was leaked pre-game.