Thursday, 11 October 2007

Stick it on Ebay

Whispers in the City that there's an instruction for one lucky person to go find buyers for the club. According to the rumour whores Levy will sell up for around £400M. This all follows the media's report that Kemsley (the one who doesn't rate Jol) wants to launch his own bid for the club. Lovely. That would probably mean the arrival of Harry Redknapp and me setting myself on fire.


azaris said...

We must avoid the wheeling-and-dealing culture.

Next thing you know, THFC would be sending some shady figure into Europe to sign players from Ivory Coast or someplace we don't really need under who-knows-what pretenses. Or dealing with players represented by shady characters like Willie McKay. Or sending staff to tap up employees of rival clubs and then denying everything.

Wouldn't want to see that at Spurs.

Anonymous said...

Spooky, If I set you on fire, will you set me on fire?

oops said...

Dear Mr Kemsley - now thats a letter I'd love to read.