Thursday, 25 October 2007

Man of the People

Don’t worry. This isn’t what it looks like. If you’re thinking that Kemsley is attempting to get his ‘I’m a true fan’ message across as PR to help a potential takeover bid, then sleep easy. He wore the shirt for £100k, because that’s how much money it takes for someone to be seen in one.


oracle said...

I would say having a 'hardcore fan' as a chairman is not a good idea. Imagine have anyone from the terraces running the club? One Spurs fans opinion will not be the same as the next Spurs fans opinion. Its suggested that Levy is not as big a fan as he would have people believe and that Kemsley is in fact a true supporter. May well be the case but if Kemsley wants Redknapp in as manager, you can refer back to my point about opinions. Correct me if I'm wrong but I do not think Spurs fans rate Harry.

As for Levy. Interesting sidenote, his son (one of them) is a avid Arsenal fan.

That explains the discovery Spooky made in Levy's basement then!

oops said...

Doubt Levy would allow a takeover to occur. All the share re-issuing was about his hold on the club getting stronger and making sure nobody else could muscle him out.

Park Lane Spurs said...

Levy would sell up in a minute if it meant he would make a vast profit, whilst at the same time leaving the club with a rich owner - which gives the appearance he was doing it for the good of the club.

Go away Levy. I don't like looking at all your merchandise being shoved in my face.

Anonymous said...

What did Spooky discover in Levy's basement? An Arsenal shrine?

jimi jazz said...

hughton in effigy