Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Jol: Levy is alriiiiiiiight

This is unexpected.

Martin Jol revealing that he found out he was sacked from his nephew after the game. Believable Factor – 40%

He also states that it was 'rubbish' that he knew before the game. This is believable. Levy would have waited until after the game. No logical sense to ask him to clear out his office pre-kick.

But this is the most curious of his statements to the press:

Despite that embarrassment, Jol denies he angrily confronted Spurs chairman Daniel Levy as some reports suggested.

"I don't have a problem with Daniel or the club because they treated me very well throughout my time there.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it? If Jol is telling the truth here, and why doubt the big man, then that would suggest that Levy has been telling the truth throughout this ordeal meaning that everything we have been led to believe is nothing more than exaggeration and distortion of the truth by our friendly neighbourhood tabloids. Yet some how, from body language and turn of events, you just can’t quite fathom that as a possibility.


Anonymous said...

Jols comments are totally in character. He doesn't have a problem with referee or linesman when the ball is a yard over the goal line, he doesn't have a problem when Berbatov acts like a spoilt kid and he doesn't have a p[roblem when the board treat him like sh*t.

Maybe thats why he got the sack!

Anonymous said...

jol doesn't want the reputation of being confrontational with the board of a club. he is, after all, looking for a new job.

oops said...

Jol is playing the game. I don't believe for a second he didn't throw a mental in Levys direction.

Dazza said...

Bolton will be GUTTED.

azaris said...

I think if Jol had had an angry confrontation with Daniel Levy there would be a Daniel Levy -shaped hole in the wall of his office.