Monday, 22 October 2007

3 points from 12th

I sat myself in front of the box, fired up Sky+ and watched an episode of 'Brotherhood'. FX is showing season one. It's pretty good and kinda fills the hole left by the departure of The Sopranos. Talking of which, I wonder how long Jol has?

Apparently (not seen or heard anything of tonight's 3-1 defeat up at the Toon, just read some forum comments after the final whistle) we were inept again. No spirit, spark or style. All lost at sea, a pale shadow of the previous two years that had as playing with grit and determination and never say die attitude.

Newcastle found it all too easy in the first half and our comeback was as limp-wristed as the vast array of poor tackles Jenas attempts. I'm near certain he suffers from ballphobia. Tottenham apparently showed the world once more that the same old problems are still there. So glad I opted for my Sky Planner and not a Internet stream of the game.

Cerny in goal, not at fault for any of them apparently. Dawson helping the black and white cause with roller-skate defending. Shows we don't need Robbo's help in goal to concede with relative ease.

3rd from bottom, its all a bit farcical and once more its time to say what we say every week when Spurs lose.......Martin Jol's position at the club is untenable.

But who's available to come into the job? At the moment, it would seem nobody is. So Levy looks set to see out the season with Jol at the helm. Why would someone take a shit on a wedding cake and then still demand everyone takes a bite?

You might ask what right I have to bitch without having seen the game, but lets face, you've seen one Spurs've seen them all.

Then again, a text message from a mate who was at the game states we were marginally better in tonights 3-1 defeat than we usually are up there. So that's an improvement from the norm. But that doesn't help quantify the current state of affairs.


shelf side warrior said...

Worst passing game I've witnessed under Jol.

iceman said...

Trust me, it wasn't that we were better last night than we usually are over there. Newcastle were simply hopeless - build up play consisting of constant route 1 football and picking up of scraps was enough for them.

I lost count of the number of hospital passes from our players when under no pressure. The midfield was non-existant - none of them wanted to take control or stand up and be counted.

A decent Newcastle side would have gotten six or seven - but they weren't all that and still managed three anyway.

oops said...

That sums it up perfectly.