Thursday, 20 September 2007

Jose walks out on Chelsea

In your face, headhunters. The Roman Empire loses its emperor. If he was sacked then its even better. Anything to divert the attention away from White Hart Lane. Having another 'crisis' club dominating the tabloids suits me fine.

Proof that its not just the Director of Football setup that causes problems. Interfering chairman are also a pain in the arse.


azaris said...

I would actually love to see him turn up at WHL, if only to drive the Gooners into fits. I can dream, can't I?

I always thought he unfairly mocked for his arrogance. That's part of his game, he diverts attention to himself and away from the team. If you big the team up long enough and claim "they did not deserve to lose" month after month, then maybe they'll start believing it in the end.

Jol is a nice guy, but in a cutthroat competition for four CL spots do you really want your club run by a nice guy?

spooky said...

I'm certain that Levy will take a considered look and through an agent or friend of Jose, indirectly approach him to see if theres a possibility. If Jose really did say he would want to remain in London then there's a chance. Spurs would offer a shedload of cash, and on top of that Spurs are 'still' considered a Top '5' (make that positionally 5th) side.

Its a challenge. But it being Spurs, it wont happen.